Along the way, we have the pleasure of gloating over terrific successes we have experienced with our clients. “Our client’s success is our success.” These successes were developed with efficient communication and synergy with our clients.

[Privacy notice: In an effort to protect and NOT divulge current client tactics and strategies, only selected stories are shown below.] 

Minute Maid & The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company partnered with the Minute Maid Company to create a new line of fruit juices. The enormity of selling and simultaneously placing 24 items in markets across the United States needed a well-orchestrated and coordinated effort. Minute Maid turned to us to design and produce an interactive video for use by their sales force. The result of this interactive DVD was a 22 minute presentation that included video, animation, graphics, sales and growth graphs, along with purchasing recommendations for the major U.S. grocery retailers. Within three weeks, the first produced allotment of Disney/Minute Maid juice products were sold out. Minute Maid realized the largest launch of new juice products in its company’s history. The products include Mickey Mouse X-Treme Coolers, Ten Acre Wood box juices featuring Winnie the Pooh, among others.

PGA Champions Tour and the Santa Clarita Tourism Bureau

The PGA Champions Golf Tour played annually in Santa Clarita at the Valencia Country Club. All the greats play during this week. Santa Clarita Tourism Bureau hired J. Arthur & Associates to seek avenues to promote their fine city via the PGA Senior Tour. We created a marketing and advertising campaign that included local video footage to be aired during the three day national broadcast. We produced TV spots to run on a select networks, created advertorials, documented the Senior Tour’s high-profile players, and provided a host of other strategies. The result of this year’s Senior Tour was a 30% increase in attendance; nationally broadcasted quality footage touting the City’s beautiful locations; added public relations with the local media and enough creative material to better position the next year’s program.

Occupational-Urgent Care Health, Inc. (OUCH)
Occupational-Urgent Care Health, Inc. (OUCH) was one of the largest PPOs in the western United States. J. Arthur & Associates handled all its marketing needs, including marketing/advertising tactics and strategies, sales materials, and advertising campaigns. What made OUCH unique was their timing in entering its national market. When it began, there were only a few companies offering the same services—medical cost containment and preferred provider services. OUCH’s goal was simple: Sign up the 10 largest workers’ compensation insurance companies. Each time a “big one” was signed on, the company doubled in size. J. Arthur & Associates began with OUCH when it was a $5-million public company until they were purchased by Health Care Compare for nearly $400 million. During the process of growing this dynamic client, J. Arthur & Associates received a First Place National Gold Award for OUCH’s image campaign.


When J. Arthur & Associates commenced services for this privately owned company, it was to create a cohesive marketing and advertising campaign. Teletrade was the largest Interphonic auction company in North America and its in-house staff was struggling to keep up with their marketing and advertising efforts. We listened to their vision and designed an ad campaign targeting Internet users, collectors, and current customers. We created a complete annual advertising budget and plan that spelled out strategies, tactics, goals and objectives, and handled media buying. Soon the customer was able to measure a sizable amount of response and increased sales. Thereafter, Teletrade held the largest auction in their company’s existence. Teletrade was bought out by a publicly held company, Greg Manning Auctions, Inc., one of the world’s largest stamp and fine art auction houses.

Frozen Food Council

The Southern California Frozen Food Council consists of some of the world’s largest frozen food manufacturers, such as Ore-Ida, Pillsbury, Minute Maid, Stouffer’s, and the like. Also included in the Council are mega retailers Ralph’s, Vons, Lucky, Certified, etc. The SCFFC market area includes all of Southern California—from the Mexican border, to Santa Barbara in the North, and from the Pacific Coast to and including Las Vegas, Nevada. We created a new marketing campaign consisting of advertising, sales, and public relations. The goal was to revamp the Council’s image, while increasing frozen food sales overall. The campaign generated millions of impressions on radio, direct mail, coupon promotions, and public relations. J. Arthur & Associates was also instrumental in assisting to raise $360,000 in two months for the Council. The overall marketing and ad campaign won a First Place National Gold Award from the National Frozen Food Council. Overall frozen food profits increased to an all-time high.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Los Angeles MTA is the largest transit agency in the United States. J. Arthur & Associates created marketing materials for an ongoing public awareness “anti-graffiti” campaign. The strategy was aimed at children of all ages, encouraging them to take ownership of their community and educating them about the effects of graffiti on their families, communities, and general well-being. This campaign was awarded a first place gold in the National AdWheel Award by the American Public Transit Association. The impact on MTA’s transit property has been tremendous. Many public transportation agencies around the United States are now utilizing the principles of this campaign. Our efforts resulted in millions of dollars of savings in bus maintenance.