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Some clients want all the bells and whistles, while others prefer simple and direct content. Success is in the simplicity and efficiency of information being conveyed.  See a few of our website samples.


The greatest advantage of a creative video is how you can convey the exact messaging you want your potential customers to see and hear. We have been producing films and videos for decades, which tailor to the needs of our clients. As styles and abilities change and progress, so do we.  Sample video.

Print and Printing

A tangible printed piece can exude the quality, style, branding, and the messaging you want to provide. For decades, we have provided printed items like brochures, packaging, signage, stationery, and whatever is important to read. With millions of pieces printed, J. Arthur is the company to turn to for all printed matter.

Trade Show

We have assisted in nearly 100 client trade shows, and understand what it means to present a brand, design and build an affordable booth, work within the afforded space, organize the sales process, and provide the necessary sales materials including video, print, and other nifty eye-catching tactics. We are also experts in pre-trade show recon trips to identify strategic and affordable trade show marketing and advertising opportunities.

Social Media

When utilizing Social Media platforms, it is important that you are strategic and extremely careful about the information you put out there. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your Social Media efforts.

Media Planning/Buying

Media planning and buying focuses in on clients’ target markets with advertising in trade and news publications, social media platforms, TV and radio networks, billboards, and anything else offering advertising or signage. The key to good media planning and buying involves the creativity of the media buy along with negotiation of fair advertising rates.


So far, there really hasn’t been anything we haven’t created for our clients. We are lean and extremely resourceful. Given the fact that marketing follows a plan of branding and showcasing, we provide creative services appropriate for the campaign or project at hand. We take pride in the creative uniqueness and individual approach we give to each and every client.